Vienna Digital Korean Studies Platform

Project leaders: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rainer Dormels (director); Univ.-Ass. Mag. Dr. Andreas Schirmer (deputy director)
Team members: Choi Ji-Young, Matteo Fumagalli, Kim Youngmi, Norbert Eigner, u.a.
Duration: 01.10.2011–01.10.2016
Funding: Academy of Korean Studies (Overseas Leading University Program for Korean Studies)
Granted sum: approx. EUR 650.000,– (~EUR 130.000/year)

The project Vienna Digital Korean Studies Platform (VDKSP) involves a core-team of six re-searchers/teachers, complemented by a number of other contributors and assistants. It comprises the four elements language teaching,“digital-lectures” on specific subjects of Korean Studies, research on specific issues and subjects, workshops and symposia in order to improve and promote the project.

The platform attaches great importance to a teaching program that is not detached from research. In the long run, it shall provide a curriculum that makes use of the possibilities of the digital age. The architecture of VDKSP will develop step by step. The researchers/scholars/teachers involved focus on their fields of interest but will make sure that research, education, and international exchange are an integrated whole.

As to contents, language teaching and linguistic research is one main focus, but apart from this the VDKSP-project covers a wide range of themes and topics: education about aspects of Korean culture and history and relevant research on specific issues in this field; area studies from the geographer’s point of view; education about modern politics and society of Korea accompanied by fundamental research on specific issues in this respect. As to methods the sub-projects will provide examples of state-of-the-art applications of adequate scholarly approaches.

In general the main effects of the completed project may be predicted as follows: the digital platform will make the Korean Studies programs in Vienna more attractive but will also generally increase the appeal of Korean Studies in Central & Eastern Europe; as an academic field Korean Studies in Central & Eastern Europe will be strengthened because obvious results are produced and more students will be encouraged to earn higher qualifications; last not least the project is supposed to produce synergetic effects by stimulating cooperation between Korean Studies in Central & Eastern Europe.