Master Thesis

In the third and fourth semester, students write a master thesis on a topic developed in the context of their chosen research specialisations. Guidance and feedback is offered in the individual interaction with the thesis supervisor as well as in the context of practice-oriented thesis seminars. A selected number of opportunities to write master thesis in the framework of ongoing research projects also exist.

The administrative procedure is:

1. Selection of Supervisor

We recommend to commence with this step as soon as you have completed the following modules:

  • BM A: 5 ECTS
  • BM B: 13 ECTS
  • SP: 7 ECTS
  • GW: 5 ECTS
  • RS: at least 10 ECTS

Please consult the supervisor you wish to work with in person. Keep in mind that the supervisor will accept or decline supervision based on her/his available capacities as well as how well your topic corresponds to the supervisor's research foci and experience.


List of available supervisors:

Supervisors that are not on the list require the approval of the Study Programme Director Maximilian Fochler. In this case, the supervisor must be a habilitated faculty member of the University of Vienna.

2. Approval of Supervisor & the Topic

Please hand in the following items at the secretariat of the Department of Science and Technology Studies (office hours):

  • 2 copies of the Notification Form, signed by you as well as your supervisor.
  • 1 signed copy of the Regulations relating to good scientific practice
  • 1 signed copy of the Record of Exams, with all courses completed so far filled in. (We recommend to save this file on your computer as you will need the complete version later on, in the process of completing the Master.)
  • 1 copy of your Research Exposé, signed by your supervisor. (guidelines how to write an exposé).

You will be notified within 3 weeks (during the semester) by email whether your thesis' topic has been approved.

For completing the master, you can find more information here.