Admission to Doctoral Education

To be able to apply for a doctorate, the applicant must hold a master's degree in the intended field of research. The application takes place online via u:space and is possible throughout the year. Please note that you have to renew your enrollment every semester. This has to take place within the regular admission period.

Exception: The following doctoral programmes have special admission procedures and deadlines. You will find more information on the specific guidelines on the respective websites of these faculties:

External applications (candidates with a diploma from another university) will be checked by the Director of the Doctoral Study Programme. He/She checks whether the applicant meets the necessary requirements for a doctorate at the University of Vienna. If the previous education of the applicant is not sufficient, the Director of the Doctoral Study Programme may ask to fulfill additional exams. The Directors of the Doctoral Study Programmes also decide whether or not a proof of German knowledge (in some areas a proof of English knowledge) is necessary. In this case the application process can take up to ten weeks. The decision is communicated in the official letter of admission (Bescheid). Once you receive this letter you can finalize the admission. 

Here you can find all research fields offered at the University of Vienna. Also in the case of an interdisciplinary research project, the applicant has to enroll in one of these research fields.

All information regarding admission is available on the website of the service unit Teaching Affairs and Student Services.

 u:space and further information

Admission takes place online via u:space. First, you have to register and activate your u:account. Then you can apply for admission. Select the doctoral programme of your choice and upload your documents. The process of admission can take up to ten weeks.

For further information please visit the website of the Teaching Affairs and Student Services unit or contact the admission office. Contact details and opening hours can be found here.