University Start-Ups

The University of Vienna actively encourages its scientific researchers to consider opportunities for commercialising technologies developed at the University.

One such way is to start your own company to actively promote and commercialise your research.

Start-up companies and established companies set up by staff and alumni of the University of Vienna include:

University Start-Ups

Start-up companies and established companies set up by staff and alumni of the University of Vienna include:

Multi-award winning Start-up based on the pioneering work of Prof. Markus Aspelmeyer from the Faculty of Physics. Crystalline Mirror Solutions manu­factures low-noise reflective optics using a proprietary coating technology.

ab&cd innovations rises to the challenge to develop new strategies for the conversion of industrial waste, by-products and biomass into value added chemicals.

Happy Plating was founded in 2004 by three physical chemists as a Spin-Out company of an Austrian research center and acts as a bridge between (applied) research and industrial production. Happy Plating is a competent partner in various areas of electrochemical surface finishing.

ADOSCORE is a comprehensive strategy and performance management tool that enables you to transform data from external systems, such as SAP or Microsoft Excel, into focused management dashboards without having the need to first implement central data-warehouses.

MetGIS is a powerful weather forecasting system, which is specialized in the worldwide automated production of extremely high-resolution meteorological forecast maps.

DAGOPT Optimization Technologies offers a variety of extensive modeling, optimization and software solutions which simplify everyday’s business and deliver tools to take the right decisions.

HYDRIP® means sustainable irrigation and soil improvement for agriculture, landscaping and the private garden. Their core business is consultancy in irrigation and soil melioration and distribution of the patented HYDRIP® principle.

ISOtopic solutions is a provider of products and services in the field of chemical measurement analysis. In particular they offer a blend of stable isotope-labeled biomolecules that can be used as an internal standard for mass spectrometry.

Valneva is a fully integrated vaccine company that specializes in the development, manufacture and commercialization of innovative vaccines with a mission to protect people from infectious diseases through preventative medicine.

TrüffelGarten was founded in 2003 and its aim is to develop the potential truffle culture, which has so far been unused in Central Europe.

UBIMET is one of the world’s leading private weather service providers. They present fully customized, highly precise and time-relevant forecasts and weather warnings.

Based on a highly innovative therapeutic concept Profem develops specifically medicines for gynecological diseases with a hitherto unmet medical need.

Weatherpark is Austria’s leading company for urban climatology and wind research. Their aim is to ensure quality of life and to optimize the well-being of people.

The RD&C team covers a broad range of knowhow important for pharmaceutical drug development and is ready to provide solutions for difficult impurity issues backed-up by regulatory compliant argumentation.