Basics in STS

In their first term, students are introduced to basic questions, theories and methods in science and technology studies in two modules – BM A and BM B.

Basics and Central Questions in the Field of Science-Technology-Society (BM A, 5 ECTS)

  • Aims: Students know the main approaches and topics in science and technology studies, and can apply this knowledge in analysing cases at the interfaces of science, technology and society. They have basic knowledge of central texts in the field.
  • Preconditions: none
  • Structure:
    • Lecture: Science, Technology, Society (STS): Key-questions and Concepts (4 ECTS)
    • Discussion Class Key-questions and Concepts (1 ECTS)

Theoretical and Methodological Approaches in Science and Technology Studies (BM B, 13 ECTS)

  • Aims: Students know the main theoretical approaches in science and technology studies and are able to situate them in the historical development of the field. They are able to assess the possibilities and limits of single approaches, particularly in relation to their application to concrete questions and fields of research. The students acquire basic knowledge of qualitative social science research methods and are familiar with the methods commonly used in science and technology studies. They are able to construct simple research questions and to address them empirically.
  • Preconditions: none
  • Structure:
    • Seminar: Theorising Science, Technology and Society Relationships (5 ECTS)
    • Seminar: Social Science Research Methods (8 ECTS)