Dr. Rolf Bauer


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Office hours: by appointment

Telephone: +43 1 4277 – 41350
Email: rolf.bauer@univie.ac.at


Guest Professor for Economic and Social History

Research Interests

  • Economic and Social History of Modern South Asia, 18th–20th Centuries
  • Agrarian Studies
  • Drugs
  • Famines
  • Commodity Frontiers

Networks and Activities

  • Member of the Agrarian Studies Group (University of Vienna)
  • Member of the Research Cluster "Global History" at the University of Vienna
  • Member of the Research Cluster "Economy and Society" at the University of Vienna


  • The Peasant Production of Opium in Nineteenth-Century India. In print with Brill (25 April 2019).
  • „’Der Anbau von Schlafmohn bringt mir Verluste ein.’ Warum indische Bauern trotzdem Opium produzierten.“ In Historische Anthropologie 25,2 (2017), 233–57.

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