Markus Mayer, MA


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Room: ZG102.26
Telephone: +43 1 4277 - 41364


Areas of Research

  • Economic and Social History of the late medieval and early modern times
  • Urban history
  • History of France and Paris

Current Research Project

  • PhD Project: Migration in Paris around 1500

Selected Publications

  • Thomas Ertl, Markus Mayer, Acculturation and Elimination. Europe's Interaction with the Other (14th-16th century), in: medieval worlds:comparative & interdisciplinary studies 3 (2016) 83-97.
  • Martina Kaller, John Kear, Markus Mayer (Hg.), Delicious Migration. Street Food in a Globalized World (Rockville MD: Global South Press, 2017).