Completion of Studies

The following documents (except for the record of examinations) must be submitted to the SSC Physics 2 weeks in advance of the master's examination date:

  1. complete record of examinations (please submit it via e-mail; for numbers use comma (,) instead of period (.); at least 3 weeks in advance of the master's examination)
  2. transcript of records (U:SPACE)
  3. printout of "Survey at study-related stays abroad" (UHSTAT) - fill out the form and submit it, even if you did not go on ERASMUS or Non-EU Student Exchange!
  4. master's thesis
  5. confirmation of the positive evaluation of the master's thesis
  6. registration form for the master's examination

The master's examination is a public defence of the master's thesis including an examination on the scientific field of the thesis and lasts about 25 minutes.

After successful completion of the master's examination, you will receive an e-mail as soon as the confirmation of the academic degree and the graduation certificate can be retrieved with a valid photo ID at the SSC Physics.