Curriculum MEd Physics (199 523 xxx or 199 xxx 523)

A curriculum defines the conditions and regulations for studying at a university. The curriculum contains all modules and describes the module goals in detail. It also specifies the course types and number of ECTS credits for each course. The curriculum contains important information about your studies and should be read before the beginning of your studies.

The curriculum for the Master Teacher Accreditation Physics is currently only available in German.

For Teacher Accreditation Physics (196 058 xxx or 196 xxx 058): Part of the curriculum

Curriculum for Master Teacher Accreditation Physics


Semester Schedule

Students of the Teacher Accreditation Physics programme are advised to follow the following semester schedule:

1st & 2nd Semester

Alternative Group of Compulsory Modules Subject-Specific In-Depth Studies (UF MA PHYS 01a+02a)


Alternative Group of Compulsory Modules In_Depth Studies Didactics (UF MA PHYS 01b +02b)

22 ECTS courses of your choice (VO, UE, SE oder PR)
3rd SemesterUF MA PHYS 03 Didactic Supervision of Teaching PracticeSE practical approach, 4 ECTS
4th SemesterFinal phase

Master's Thesis, 26 ECTS

Master Examination, 4 ECTS

If you have any questions regarding the practical training (for example about recognitions), please visit the website of the StudiesServiceCenter Teacher Education.