Delicious Migration


Martina Kaller, John Kear, Markus Mayer (eds.), Delicious Migration. Street

Food in a Globalized World. Rockville 2017.

This book is directed to food studies scholars and aficionados of street food alike. Given the fact that the topic scarcely receives mention in food studies, the necessity of this book becomes obvious. The studies at hand address combinations of social, economic, political, ethnic, and religious aspects of street food in globalized cities. None of the topics are groundbreaking; rather, all of them represent solidified fields of research. With the addition of the spatial focus on streets in urban centers, however, we shed light on a scantily studied research question. The focus on the interrelation between global migration and the ubiquity of street food in global cities makes the articles of this volume unique. The authors share various social science backgrounds and an education in global studies and/or global history. Additionally, they lend to this project the geographic variety of their origins, which brings a more comprehensive view to the subject as a whole of many cases and contexts.