Publications Marcello Di Paola

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Di Paola M, Jamieson D. Climate Change, Liberalism and the Public/Private Distinction. In Philosophy and Climate Change. OXFORD UNIV PRESS. 2018.

Di Paola M. Ethics and Politics of the Built Environment: Gardens of the Anthropocene. Springer, 2018. (The International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics ).

Di Paola M. Virtue. In DellaSala DA, editor, Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene, Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences. [S.l] : Elsevier. 2017.

Di Paola M, Jamieson D. Political Theory for the Anthropocene. In Held D, Maffettone P, editors, Global Political Theory. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press. 2016. p. 254-280.

Showing entries 0 - 6 out of 6