Discussion / Beyond silences: retrieving women's voices in African political history

12.01.2021 17:00

Second meeting of the working group "The Power of Sources in African History »!

A discussion with: Anna Adima (University of York), Marciana Nafula Were (Tom Mboya University/Stellenbosch University) and Immanuel Harisch (University of Vienna)

Since the 1970s, scholars have raised awareness about the gender biases of archival sources, especially when it comes to colonial, postcolonial, national or diplomatic archives. They have shown that women's invisibility did not mean an absence of traces, and advocated innovative methodologies and the search for unusual sources to reconstruct women's lost voices in African history.

Our guest speakers work on African women's voices in various historical, geographical and more importantly political contexts, and with many different sources (public archives, literature, autobiographies...). They will share their insights on how to retrieve, create or re-interpret sources about women's power and how to find new conceptual tools to complicate political narratives.

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Working Group converner: Anaïs Angelo.

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