Erasmus+ Internship (Incomings)

Students who are interested in an internship at the Faculty of Physics have to send their application to the respective research group directly in order to find out whether they can offer an internship.

Here is a list of all research areas of the Faculty of Physics:


If you are accepted for an internship...

The Human Resources Department will draw up an internship contract.

Required Documents

In order to draw up your internship contract please send the following documents to the Human Resources Department three to four weeks before you start your internship:

  • Personal Record Card PA/PV (signed by yourself and your supervisor at the University of Vienna. The admission form can be obtained by the Human Resources department or by the contact person of the research group.)
  • Completed Learning Agreement for Traineeships (signed by yourself, your home university and the department at the University of Vienna responsible for your internship)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your European Health Insurance Card (or confirmation that you have health insurance during your stay in Vienna)
  • Confirmation of accident and liability insurance (often provided by the home university, a separate confirmation is required even then)
  • Confirmation of the registration of your residence (Meldezettel) (as soon as you know)

For further information regarding the administrative process, please refer to the website of the International Office.